Woman Warrior Breastplate Necklace


So I could probably go on for hours about my inspiration for this piece! All of the Brave Women in history wore Breastplates to protect their hearts, just as the Men. But today, the breastplates are invisible! We guard our Hearts from all of the grief and injuries from ourselves and others! This was my interpretation of how I would guard my heart going forward in this life, and hopefully it will be passed on to the Women who follow. It is constructed completely in Sterling Silver. Three tiers hold a polished Chrysoprase stone on the top tier, another with branches, which reach out and hold the promise of new life and birth in the Spring, and the third holds all of the "hard won badges" of our struggles and our sorrows! Each is different and they are all encased in Sterling Silver "Crown Bezel", which I thought was only appropriate! All these hanging badges are rough Chrysoprase! The struggles, the sorrows, the joys and the triumphs which were all coarse and rough, culminate in the beautiful polished Chrysoprase at the top level. All so symbolic and true for us All! And Green is the color of "New Life"! Please let me know if you have any questions. This is a very strong Womans Warrior piece and I thank you for considering it. diana