Artist Bio

For the past 23 years, I have worked on and off as a cardiac nurse while metalsmithing during my free time.  During this period of my life, I struggled with being innovative and creative for quite some time. Working full time shift work and being a Mother, left me little time to feel creative.   I produced less and less art.   

However, three years ago I retired from nursing and moved to the Blue Ridge Mountains in Western North Carolina. Living here; having time and space to see the nature and beauty around me, has allowed me to begin feeling creative again. 

Talented mentors, such as Susan Lenart Kazmer and Jean Stark have given me the skills to push the boundaries of my craft and have inspired me to reopen and dramatically expand my imagination.  My work will always be “in process” as I strive to learn new techniques- incorporating them, and the Experience of life in the mountains, into my Work.