Ancestor Torque

On sale $150.00

Heavy 1/4" Sterling Silver rod hand forged into a comfortable "Torque". Decorated with Sterling Silver "prayer box" adorned by ribbons of forged Sterling wire. The enamel image required 4 firings to finish and is set like a "gem" into the setting.

Prayers take many Forms. They can be a prayer learned as a child, recited every day that we can remember. They can be a rush of emotion followed by a plea. They can also be just a few words, one or two even, whispered in the privacy of our own hearts and minds.
The “prayer boxes” I use in my work have been used for hundreds of years. Those few words, uttered in hope, in support, or to banish fear or confusion. Within my prayer boxes I have either engraved or written words of prayer, or if you will, plea’s to my God, to myself, and to the great Universe that surrounds us. Prayer boxes have been around for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. They hold all of the good, the hope, and potential outcomes from within our hearts and our souls. They have great meaning and Power. I use them in my work to impart the sense and strength of the words written within. I hope that they will lift up your Spirit when you wear them, as they have lifted up my Spirit in gifting them to you.

The Torque sits comfortably around the back of the neck and the ends rest gently onto both collar bones. The tightness can be adjusted by simply squeezing the ends more closely together. Will fit majority of necklines.