Tanzanian Nights Ring


This Ring is made with a very special Stone. A Spessartine Garnet from Loliondo, Tanzania - 17gm / 27mm x 24mm x 15mm. This OOAK Collectors Stone has been caged in Sterling Silver vines with budded golden tips. There is a 14K Gold stamped Crescent Moon on the side to accent the gold tipped vines. Wrapped and set securely, this is an Adjustable Ring which can be worn on any desired finger. A stunning Ring with a OOAK Stone!

Almost 5000 years ago, ancient Egypt was the first known culture where people would exchange "rings of love" often made of woven reeds or leather. It is said that the Egyptians saw the ring, a circle, as a powerful symbol. Rings can also be traced to ancient Rome, when Aulus Gellius cited Appianus as saying that the ancient Egyptians had found a fine nerve linking the fourth finger to the heart. Occasionally rings have been repurposed to hang from bracelets or necklaces. The signet ring is traditionally worn on the left pinky or little finger.

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