Sacred Buffalo Neckpiece

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This stunning necklace has many custom hand stamped and forged pieces, all of Sterling silver. First the stunning "prayer box" Hollow Cross as the centerpiece, which has a tiny piece of Mauritanian carved shell decorating it's center. With another carved piece atop the handmade Sterling silver "tongue clasp". These carved shell beads are made to string into the hair of Women of the islands. The “prayer boxes” I use in my work have been used for hundreds of years. Those few words, uttered in hope, in support, or to banish fear or confusion. Within my prayer boxes I have either engraved or written words of prayer, or if you will, plea’s to my God, to myself, and to the great Universe that surrounds us. Prayer boxes have been around for hundreds, perhaps thousands of years. They hold all of the good, the hope, and potential outcomes from within our hearts and our souls. They have great meaning and Power. I use them in my work to impart the sense and strength of the words written within. I hope that they will lift up your Spirit when you wear them, as they have lifted up my Spirit in gifting them to you.
There are 6 hand stamped and forged Sterling Silver graduated beads throughout the neckpiece. Two large, two medium and 2 smaller. Each stamped and soldered by myself. These beads, centerpiece and handmade clasp are all joined by hand strung white "Buffalo Turquoise" beads. Both plain beads and larger beads swirled with black and colors of golds, oranges blacks, White Buffalo Turquoise Healing Mineral Native Indian Gemstone rondelle lantern ball loose beads 10-16mm. Total length is about 21.5". See last photo. This necklace has been hand strung and we recommend keeping flat in the provided gift box when not wearing. This prolongs the life of the stringing material. A gorgeous and very special handmade necklace!!! A piece of Art to pass down through the Ages!!! ALL PURCHASES SHIPPED PRIORITY MAIL WITH TRACKING/INSURANCE